Walnuts without Shell (Akhrot) - Medium

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Walnuts without Shell (Akhrot) - Medium

Walnuts with Shell Medium


Ever wondered how tasty and nutritious walnuts looked like? Order from Dry Fruit Hub and find out for yourself! Our dry fruit and nuts experts hand-pick these nutrient powerhouses for you and deliver it to you in the quickest time possible. Our walnuts will be loved by all in your family. This is our guarantee!

Health Benefits

• Walnuts are high on antioxidants, which enables them to promote heart health by destroying free radicals.
• Vitamin B7 or biotin present in walnuts promotes hair health. Therefore, if you have been suffering from issues like hair fall or want to improve hair strength, consider eating including walnuts in your diet.
• Eating walnuts helps induce sleep because of the presence of a compound called melatonin.
• Walnuts are excellent for weight management programs.
• Eating walnuts regularly helps keep dementia at bay.
• Helps prevent pancreatic cancer.


A number of dishes can be prepared using walnuts. For example, you can make spreads using walnuts. These sweet nuts can also be used for preparing sweet treats. They can also be sprinkled over your smoothie to give it a nutty or crunchy twist.


As walnuts contain oil, they can easily turn rancid when exposed to heat, moisture, and light. This is why you need to keep them in an airtight plastic bag and store them in a freezer. 

Nutritional Information

Serving size 30g

Calories 200

Calories from Fat 180


%Daily Value

Total Carbohydrate 4g


    Dietary Fiber 2g


    Sugar 1g


Total Fat 20g


    Saturated Fat 2g


    Polyunsaturated Fat 14g


Protein 5g


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 1mg




Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Potassium 130mg



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